How to deal with a partner having a mental breakdown?

How to deal with a partner having a mental breakdown?

I'll start off with thank you for reading this. I
recently started dating this guy. We had went on our first official date. After seeing each other at least 9 times. When I say see each other he would visit me and we would talk for hours downstairs. This is a span of 1.5 months. So he just found out his mother has cancer then same day lost his job.
Now he is about to loss his car. After our first real date he went silent on me. I contacted him two days later acting like nothing happen. He said he was sorry having a bad Monday. I said Ok no big deal been there myself. He went silent again. Contacted him again two days later. This time I ask what was wrong you been quiet since our date. Now I found out he is freaking out about his car. So I've been trying to cheer him up but I don't think it is working. In fact I feel like I might be part of the problem as he has apologized to me for being able to take places cause of money. I told him I don't care I just want to see him.
The last time I tried to cheer him up by coming over he told sorry not tonight. When I tried to ask a question cause I wanted to be sure he wasn't hurting himself as some depressed people do. He (my nickname) I'm literally about to breakdown. Is this a really good idea right now? So I didn't ask I let it go. I think giving him space is good idea but I don't want it to look like I abandon him. As I have dealt with depression and breakdown myself.
My question is how much space should I give? Should I say nothing til he does or wait a few days then just see how he is doing then back off again rinse and repeat. I don't want to be a bad girlfriend, I care for him. I feel he still cares for me though he isn't initiating conversation unless I do. We were talking everyday til now. I'm so confused now.
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Sorry I meant to say he apologized for not being able to take me places cause of shortage of money
How to deal with a partner having a mental breakdown?
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