Is it possible he wants me back?

My ex and I are very close (best friends) and we're basically trying to work our way into getting back into a relationship because we rushed it in the beginning and we have managed to maintain a strong bond that we didn't have much when we were together. Tbh I wouldn't even call him an ex because he did tell me he would want to work on a relationship in the future.

But anyways on his snapchat, he posted a video of his baby niece and I always comment on how cute she is lmao so I said she is adorable then replies saying 'But not me?' so I said 'you're the opposite of adorable' with a kissing emoji just to be kind of petty then he replies with the eyes emoji and I ask him what he's looking at and he says 'you'. Like I literally feel like he misses us being together because we only broke up like 2 weeks ago.

Also on twitter I like to retweet a lot of stuff and one of them said 'You know I miss you right?' so I didn't tweet this, it was just a retweet. He dm's me the tweet with the eye emoji and I reply back with the eye emoji to see what he wants and he said he's just looking. Guys what do you think this all means?
Is it possible he wants me back?
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