She kissed someone while drunk and wants me back. Should I take her back?

Hi guys

I've been with this girl for 8mon. The last 2mon we were in a Long Distance Relationship due to work (She is in Germany and I'm in Chile). The first 6 months were amazing. I really thought she was 'the one', but since I left and we are apart she started pointing my mistakes, accusing me of lying to her, of cheating, she started saying things that didn't have any sense. I couldn't recognize her. Then, she became cold, distant and started ignoring me... We used to talk and Skype every day and then she became "busy" and didn't have time. At the same time, she was going out with her girlfriends, and stuff. A lot. Then the worse happened. She went to a weekend party in a student town with her best friends for her birthday. We talked normally and she seemed to be back as normal. Saying nice things and that she wished I would be there for her birthday... She went to the party and arrived in the morning... She called me already in the evening and I asked how was it.. She said was nice and was dancing with her friends and stuff... I asked if the guys were behaving and she said "Was fine, they didn't even hit on me".. But i realised from her voice that there was something wrong.. I found out on the Facebook Page of the party all the pics, and in many of them I saw her dancing, kissing and holding hands of an idiot.. She went again to the party on the next night and was home the next day... She got home and sent me a nice text and some pics of the city... I was expecting her to admit everything. I then sent her the pics with her and the guy and a big message breaking up with her.. She called me 10 times and sent a huge text saying she didn't remember anything and her friends told her on the way back home that saw her with someone... I stayed one week without talking to her and she was everyday beging me to come back to he and to forgive her that this was a mistake and she was passing trough bad moments with her family, new job, etc, and missing me. Shoud I take her back?
She kissed someone while drunk and wants me back. Should I take her back?
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