Is my boyfriend over his first ex girlfriend or still has feelings for her?

First off.. him and his first ex girlfriend was only together for 6 months
They dated 4 years ago and they work in the same place
They broke up coz she left him for another guy
She was his first girlfriend, he lost his virginity to her, and i think his first love
Then after he started having flings or being single for 3 years
Then after the 3 years, he got into a relationship and dated this girl for 4 months
They broke up coz he realized she's using him for money
Then he told me he tried to go back with his first ex girlfriend but she rejected him
Then after that, he met me a month later and then we started dating and then got into a relationship
We have been together for over a year so this is his longest relationship
But thing is.. a week ago, I checked his facebook on his phone and I went on his search bar... and I saw his first ex gf's name
And i went on his inbox and he mentioned about her to one of his friends calling her a "bitch" and how she downgraded to a skinny guy
My boyfriend is a really fit guy
But anyway, I confronted him about it and he said he only searched her up coz she still works in the same place and one of the guys he works with was asking about her and showed him her facebook
And that he only said what he said about her boyfriend to his friend is to feel good about himself
He told me that he hardly sees her at work because he tries to avoid her and she only works night time and weekends and he doesn't
He told me he hasn't spoken to her ever since she rejected him after he tried to get back with her
So guys.. do you think he still has feelings for her?
Or over her?
If he does, then wtf?
Im his longest relationship and she fucked him over
He tells me loves me everyday and shows me that he does love me
And everyone at his work knows me since i met some of them and he has pictures of us on his fb and instagram
Oh and he also said that the only girls he had deep feelings for.. is his first ex girlfriend and me
He never had real deep feelings for the flings he had and the second ex girlfriend
he's over her
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Is my boyfriend over his first ex girlfriend or still has feelings for her?
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