Is he really trying to change?

OKAY. this may be confusing for some, its a pretty long explanation and it may be hard to follow.

This guy, who I like dated a girl and cheated on her with me.

they broke up and he got another girlfriend.

he cheated on the new girlfriend with the old one

and when he went out with the old one again he cheated on her with me.. again. [i like him, a lot. and pretty much don't care who he cheats on in order to be with me which sounds kinda obsessive or selfish]

anyways. he told me he likes me physically that I am hot and he doesn't understand why I don't have a boyfriend.

he really likes a good friend of mine and he told me he was trying to settle down a bit. he wants to take her to prom and everything next year .

tonight me and my friend were sitting in my car and he was sitting in his and we were parked beside each other talking.

my friend was like I have to pee. so he was like go pee then and then she was like to me, will you come with me, I looked at him and he shook his head cause he wanted me to stay and hookup I suppose [unless you guys think it could have meant something different]

later on I dropped her off and went back to him, we made out. he fingered me and when I left he sent me a text saying "i don't know if I can do that anymore, we can still be friends "

i was kind of heart broken because I really like him, and I don't know if he will actually stick to his word saying he can't do that anymore. I don't know if I did something wrong to make him say that..

i just need some advice please.
Is he really trying to change?
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