I need all your opinions on this behavior.. Please.. ?

Okay , been with my ex for few years.. and just right after couple of years.. her behavior become weird.
she started to accuse me of cheating.. every day.. every moment.. every second..
telling me that I'm cheating on her & I'm taking her for grante.. however..
she then started to manipulate me.. threatening to breakup with me.. if I didn't do as she wish...
so , roles reversed.. from being dominant over her.. to be submissive... to her..
then I felt that I'm being degraded.. her respect for me almost gone... she'd start compare me to others.. saying that " any " guy around is nothing BUT BETTER THAN ME. . so I started to feel insecure.. even tho.. many girls have already compete over me... just before I started dating her..
add to that.. she did cause many troubles between me & my buddies.. to the point that I lost trust in many friends & lost their relationship overall..
so it was all about her now.. then she started playing " Push & Pull " with me.. seeing me frustrated for losing her, then she'd pull me back.. and once I started to regain self confidence.. she just push me away.. saying I do worth nothing... and so on..
However , don't forget that she used to accuse me of cheating every time she push me away..
We've been off for about a month.. we broke up..
but I found out that she did cheat on me.. and she's hiding it.. but I knew it...
Yet.. she " still " wants to be with me.. she'd pull me.. to her.. then push me back..
I can't handle it anymore..
My question is.. How to TAME her?
I don't wanna leave her.. yet , I don't want to keep going with that behavior.. So
tell me.. Girls.. How should I deal with that behavior.. and how can I tame her.. ?
N. B.. I'm late of 20's y/o...
I need all your opinions on this behavior.. Please.. ?
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