Does my ex boyfriend want me back or is he just really trying to build a friendship?

So my ex and I were together a year and a half. We broke up mutually although he wanted it more, to be honest it was a really stupid breakup, all because of college strain when we should’ve been able to support each other. So a month has gone by and I haven’t said anything to him. He wrote to me a couple of days after we broke up and I didn’t reply. Then he started liking my Instagram photos and then started putting up really pointless photos, when he usually doesn’t post at all, and because I didn’t reciprocate and was putting up photos of me living and honestly moving forward, he then deleted me on Instagram. He kept trying to show off him flirting with some girl on his Instagram but it didn’t make me want to delete him. 2 weeks ago, he started watching my insta stories even though he doesn’t follow me, and last week he re followed me again. He’s been doing little things on social media that look like attention seeking. Every time I write to my friends in our group chat he’s very quick to respond to me but I rarely reply to him. I passed him properly for the first time the other day and it was the first time I prop really said hello and that was when he re followed me online. I can’t tell if he just wants to be friends or is looking for attention to get me back because he knows he’s made a mistake? Today he messaged me for the second time, wishing me good luck in my college exams which start tomorrow. I debated writing to him but I didn’t. It’s nice that he thought of me too, but it’s making me confused. Because I don’t think I could ever be friends with an ex when we’ve so much history! Do you think he’s looking to be friends or is hoping for more? He hasn’t asked for any of his clothes back and we’ve a group friend holiday in January and a possible concert together next May! We can’t avoid each other but I don’t think I could ever be really friends!
Does my ex boyfriend want me back or is he just really trying to build a friendship?
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