Would you give your ex partner a second chance?

Say you had been with your partner for 10 months, you found out from them when you approached them that they had been keeping something important from you in the relationship, they answered truthfully when you questioned them but did keep a secret about something important about their life that was starting to impact on the relationship.

You break up and 3 weeks later can see they maybe deserve a chance to talk, explain properly and open up completely.

Would you consider giving them a second chance if their actions, words and efforts seemed genuine and sincere?

I guess you would have to consider things like trust again as that may very well be an issue, maybe going slower this time and setting some clear boundaries...
Yes, everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves, we are after all only human
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Depends on what the issues were, not everyone deserves a second chance
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Absolutely not, if you stuff up then I don't play the revolving door game, I'm done no matter what
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Would you give your ex partner a second chance?
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