Need help on a decision?

So to try and make a long story short i had a really good friend and I messed up, and after she needed space and was angry with me and blocked me on everything. However, since we were good friends, almost more, she introduced me to her mom before all this happened. I have kept in touch with her mom and a few days ago she talked to her daughter about me.

Basically, she finally agreed to see me. There hasn't been a day set yet but her mom said she will arrange the meeting, since I don't have communication with her daughter and her daughter entrusted her with it.

I have been wanting to see her and after 8 months, her mother said she would be open to meeting me, either to get closure or to work things out and move forward. That's what I need help with..

Hopefully we will talk but should I just get closure, or should I work things out and move forward?

Basically I was an asshole to my friend. I was angry at the situation i was in so i took it out on her.. And part of what upset me so much was that it feels like she has been choosing another guy over me. I cared about her so much and have known her a year longer but still, she would choose to hang out with him over me. When i went to see her last month, i showed up unannounced at her door, and surprise surprise, guess who was there? That other guy.. Before I knocked on the door and before I did i heard loud Netflix and after i heard her putting on clothes on the other side of the door in case she opened it.

In my mind, it was obvious what was going on but before I jump to conclusions I want to at least talk things out to get clarity and clear the air between us about everything else that happened.

What should I do when I see her? Just talk things out or should I just apologize, explain why I acted the way i did and then say we should both move forward?

I honestly don't want to see her because I don't know what to expect, I'm nervous, but I owe her an explanation and an apology and owe her mom for her time and help
Need help on a decision?
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