Female dumpers anyone?

So my ex girlfriend broke-up 1 week before our first anniversary. We were so in love together and this was also her first relationship. I'm so confused when she said this during the breakup " For now, i only feel that i cared for you as my brother." and this really hurts me. And afterwards, she posted a picture of her saying that " Doesn't mean a relationship end means the two stop loving each other it just that we stop hurting each other." This make me thought that whatever she told me during the breakup was a lie? After we broke-up for two weeks, i know that she has fallen for someone else and i don't really know what to do.

- Does the girl says the truth when they breakup?
- After the breakup, do you went to find other guys or will you still stay faithful until your feelings have vanish.
- Will you remove him from all social media platform and why?
- Few months after a break-up, if he contacts you and ask you out, will you bother to reply or just ignore.
- How long does it take to get over first ex that you once loved him so much?
- Do you think of him everyday even though its just one second?
- When do you stop thinking about him? Months, years?
- Is it possible to win her back knowing that she still loves you? How?

Appreciate your advice on this.
Female dumpers anyone?
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