Why do Woman get mad about Scientific Evidence in re-guards to Human Relationships?

We see it a lot in modern culture.
People reject the Science when it comes to Female and Male Dynamics.
But accept the Science that allows you to text, talk on a phone. send a message around the planet, turn on a car, use Internet, fly planes, watch TV etc etc.
For Example When someone says "Men and Women can never be Actual Friends" Not that they can't be cordial. There IS a such things as Alpha's and Beta's, this is an Objective Truth.
This is a term used in Evolutionary Psychology in terms to the weird dynamics between men and women. How Female human beings Usually go for the top 25 percent of men, and the men who find themselves being the dreaded "friend zone" are what is referred to as "Orbiters". Which is when a woman would have sexual relations with the men they claim not to be attracted to but use the "Orbiting" men as their per say their Emotional punching bag. Women collectively tend to say they want one thing but their actions prove other. If so sometime in the future after having all the sex with the Bad boys per say, when she's no longer sexual attractive she'll ten to want an Orbiting male a a potential mate. The is where the terms comes "Nice guys finish last. This is Basic Evolutionary Biology and Psychology. There is a such thing as Objective Truths. Another one I see a lot is that Woman get pissed at. Is the term "involuntary celibacy" Another Science/biological term. Woman hate that shit to think there's perfectly potential males to date who've been marked as unfuckable/creepy for whatever reason. Did you know not every lion in the pack gets to reproduce, did you know not every Tiger gets to spread his genes. Do you see where I'm going Its the exact same for Humans.
I blame Pop Culture and Movies for a lot of this. a lot of us are brainwashed into thinking certain things that contradict what and who we really want in relationships. Many girls claim they want a nice guy but their actions prove different. Same goes for Men were not innocent either.
Why do Woman get mad about Scientific Evidence in re-guards to Human Relationships?
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