How do you cope when your partner is going to be in the army?

So my boyfriend has wanted to join the army forever but he put it off a couple years ago because he thought he should gain some life experience before he goes in as he was only 18 back then, he's nearly 21 now and he decided he's ready to join the army now, I'm so proud of him but at the same time I'm petrified, he's going to be front line and I didn't want to sound selfish but it was bubbling up inside of me since he ever mentioned he wanted to join and I said "don't you care about me, what do I do if you die?" We had a massive fight about it and called me "selfish" but it's only because I love him.

I know the army's going to change him, especially if he goes in front line, he cried when MY grandmother passed so how's he going to cope when he sees someone get shot in the head, he's so sweet and sensitive im scared he could get PTSD or some other mental illness , im scared he come back with serious injuries, im scared of him being miles away and me not knowing if he's ok and im scared he'll never come back at all, of crouse I'll still love and support him no matter what but it doesn't stop me from being terrified, it's makes me feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

I'm also worried we'll grow apart as I'll hardly see him and he'll change massively as a person with age and experiences but I understand thats the type of sacrifice he has to make and I'm proud of him for it. Were also a very young couple im only 19, he's 20, we'll miss out on being a normal young couple, going out and having fun, cuddling up watching Tv together and there's so much we still haven't done together, I'd love for us to travel and even have a place of are own one day but it's going to have to be but on the back burner for now. I know I need to stop being so selfish there's people out there who need him more than me and i need to be brave and supportive for him but I don't know how.
How do you cope when your partner is going to be in the army?
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