What are the reason guys follow other girls on social media when they’re taken?

My LDR boyfriend keeps lying to me about not following girls on Instagram.. I don’t have Instagram but I still check on his Instagram, we made a deal before that I won’t have guys on my social media and he won’t have girls on his. (Both are super jealous) so I was okay with that and deleted every guy on my social media, anyways we had a several fights about girls and he told me he deleted his insta. He made a new one and lied to me about not having a new one. He followed a lot of girls, so long story short he admitted having insta so he asked me if he can follow girls I said if I say yes and you’ll tell me who they are. So he asked about his “model” friend he “met” while his friends were FaceTiming her and he said that his friends gave her his Insta, as mad as I was for him giving her attention I asked for a pic of her (I have seen his Instagram and hers before he even admitted or knew) he sent me a pic of her in a bikini inside a pool, the pic WASN’T on her Instagram not today not even two days ago so he had this pic on his album for long. (He doesn’t k is that snooped on his insta yet) so anyways I said no and that he should unfollow her. So he unfollowed her so I got calm but the next day I checked her insta (he has on private) and he was FOLLOWING her AGAIN. I am devastated and I don’t know what to do anymore , we fought about this for months and yet he stills lie to me but when we were going to break up he started crying and wanted me to stay.&
Why do you guys follow other girls when you are in a relationship?
what should I do?

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You guys do realize he had a bikini picture of her right?
What are the reason guys follow other girls on social media when they’re taken?
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