My boyfriend thinks I'm getting "there" be fat?

i used to have an ed, bulimic...1 year ago,since then I gained,from 102 to 120 pounds.I'm around 5'6'/

as I'm gaining weight,i started to feel uncomfortable,im trying to work out and eat less,but its hard with my bf,as he snacks a lot.I asked him if I'm fat,he says I am only overweight,but getting fat slowly.

I feel so bad now,i know he is not attracted to me as he used to be,its getting to me...

thank you girls for your support.I will stay healthy,i talked to my boyfriend about it...he cares about my health and wants me to lose weight in the healthy way,we exercise together,and I wanna lose weight too,cos its my own decition XD


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  • Wel if you are more comfortable being thiner than just eat an amount that accommodates w/e weight you want. but seriously losing weight for your b f is like having an eating disorder- its something other than your reason towards your well fare controlling what decisions you make & what you do with your body. Its all addictive behavior regardless of the form : Food, a boy , a comment from a stranger, cloths, fasting high etc.. Just be true to yourself- he sounds like an asshole btw.


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  • First off 120 is not overweight at all unless you are 4 feet or something. Second you had an eating disorder does he not understand what that means and how that did and could effect your body if you continued. You need to find someone who will help you get over your illness and stay healthy telling you that you are overweight when you are not (just check the bmi calculator) is not doing that. Why would you want to be with some who cares so little about your health. Eating disorders are like drug addictions you will have to fight your whole life to not go back to it so find someone who loves you for who you are and can support you. This is not about how you can loose weight but about you sticking up for yourself and saying I look great. I am healthy and f*** you if you don't like it.

  • you need to leave your mean boyfriend because if you used to have an eating disorder and you're just getting over it, you still have kind of a fragile mental state and you don't need people like that around you. you need a man that is caring, considerate and supportive and it sounds like your boyfriend is none of the above. at 5'6, "getting fat" would be 160 pounds at're 120 you're probably in the low end of a healthy weight range and still thin. and either way, if your man knows about your history, why is he being so insensitive. you're not even close to being overweight, medically or visually. the only weight that you need to lose is that dead weight you call your boyfriend.

    why doesn't your snacking ass boyfriend lose weight if he is so worried about weight? you say he snacks a lot, does he have the perfect body? and that says a lot about him as a man if he was more attracted to a sick borderline emaciated girl with an eating disorder than a woman who is trying to become healthy. please leave him, this man will have you right back in an eating disorder mentality!