What makes a woman wifey material?

What makes a woman wifey material?

Thoughts on her being a virgin?


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  • -loyal
    -wants children and family
    -hasn’t engaged in any sexually undesirable behaviors (hookups, casual sex, etc.) not a good example to be setting for my children
    That’s it really. I want to say that you can’t have the last two without fulfilling the 3rd to last requirement in MY opinion.

  • Where they love you so much that even when you're mid-argument and super angry she'll still make sure they take an umbrella to work because it might rain.
    Insatiable intellectual curiosity.
    I don't want a fan or sycophant, nor do I want an adversary. The ideal woman will have an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and exploit them not to injure me, but to make me better.
    Acceptance without reservation.
    Total acceptance for who you are both the good and bad.
    A sense of humor. That's the most important thing a woman a can have if I were to want to marry her.
    She has to challenge me to be my best self.
    Awoman who is affectionate and loving is someone with whom I want to grow old with. I don’t ever want my kids to wonder why mom and dad never hugged, kissed, or cuddled. I want them to know we love each other and they were born from that love.”
    Has her own life.
    her own career, her own set of friends, her own independent streak, and her own dreams.
    She doesn't publicly embarrass.
    She is considerate.

  • Why would anyone want a wifey? This is a myth!
    Real men want a partner! Someone who will change and grow together! Someone they can trust.
    If a woman wants to be pampered and give nothing back, she's not ready for a relationship. Same goes for men too.

    • ... A wifey is just a girl who makes a good wife. You're projecting an awful lot, Bud.

    • Perhaps. I just find the world a little demeaning. Apologies.

  • Green or Grey eyes
    Blonde/Brown/Auburn hair
    5'8 to 5'10
    36 - 26 - 36
    Sharp features
    Between 1 and 4 sexual partners
    Is a master of makeup application, never too much never too little
    Educated and accomplished in her field
    Is "good" at most thing she does and excels in her passion
    Can cook and clean well
    Supremely confident in herself and in me, Is not clingy or jealous
    Has a hint of sass combined with wit and able to take virtually any joke thrown at her
    Is proud of being hot
    Comes from a good complete family
    Comes from a upper middle or upper class family
    Can act appropriately whether down the pub or at a corporate dinner
    Can dress appropriately whether down the pub or at a corporate dinner
    Understands etiquette and decorum, also knows how to strut like a real woman in heels.
    Is an absolutely nuke in the sack
    Strong mother for my kids, she's their teacher and protector as much as i am.

    • Oh and anyone under an adjusted 90/100 score off that checklist is atomatically DQ’d.

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    • @InTimoreDei I know right, heaven forbid a guy be picky about who he fucking MARRIES! noooo that’s not allowed.

      @PrincessPie sowwie dear 😘 luv you really

      @Hidden_P the additional comment was yes, but those ARE the thing I want in a dream woman. So most of those boxes need to be ticked.

      @milk-and-honey I had to try many (many) different girls, but I have found someone close enough. You see, when you don’t give a shit about rejection you don’t mind aiming high.

    • @InTimoreDei oh yes because the dudebros of GAG never pull that shit
      >girl says she doesn't do anal
      >has 5 blue downvotes on that opinion

  • I recently came to a subconscious notion on this i wasn't aware was so strong. Show a guy your potential but don't give it away without him earning it by bonding with you first. So for example wear a V neck dress so your upper chest is a little exposed for a tantalising effect but have the same dress conceal your breasts pretty well not to give anything away to early. Then also show him you are very capable of raising his child trough your femininity, if your actions show that you are capable of being a good nurturer you will put his sub continuous into compatibility over drive because not only do you look incredibly beautiful while showing a little hint of your fertility building up this desire to get more of you you are not wasting the energy to soon by being to exposed while at the same time showing the traits of being a wonderful women. Things like being smart, caring, ability to take care of him are great assets on display and by building up the bond gradually and gradually giving himself more of you you are going to make him get attached to you rather then giving him sexual satisfaction early without the need to stay.

    The above completely excludes a guys personality and works on a deeper natural level. Guys can be naturally very willing to bond and stay, or they can just want sex for a fuck and dump but using these subtle things you might gain a lot of appeal on top of who you already are.

  • Wifey material is a woman who motivates you to be a better person and calls you out on your BS when you slipping.

  • 1. Cute or better.
    2. Feminine.
    3. Sweet.
    4. Was not a slut
    5. Never dated drug dealers or the like
    6. Willing to keep her hair long for me.
    7. Thinks my priorities are just as valid as hers
    8. Not crazy and on drugs

  • Loyal, caring, strong moral values, loves me for who I am, wants to start a family with me, physically attractive (does not have to be a supermodel but needs a decent body), can take care of herself, and can stick with you through the bad times.

  • I don't know why you put that picture. In any case, I think girls should not put pressure on themselves thinking there is something about them that makes them unqualified to be a wife. All wives were girls at some point in time. When the time comes, they all learn and adapt (if the will of there).

    • ... Are you saying standards shouldn't exist? Would you say guys shouldn't put pressure on themselves thinking there is something about them that makes them unqualified to be husbands?

    • @Sethorien was there any mention about guys in the question?

    • Well in theory any statement you make regarding women should apply to men too.

      Don't you believe in equality?

  • As long she stands by her man and fights for her own good, she is a keeper. I fight for my wife and stand by her in most difficult situations and i would never regret a damn thing

  • Being good with kids, being supportive, empathetic, caring, kind, gentle, feminine, things like that.

    • Being feminine 😂 bro women hate that. That's cuck

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    • @Heavy_T I’m actually more “like a dude”. I grew up around men and have a mans sense of humour.

      I hugely disagree with feminism. It’s all about superiority. Men and women shouldn’t seek equality because we aren’t equal and shouldn’t be treated so. We should be treated fairly.

      I watched as my dad got dicked over my divorce courts and it pissed me off. He had 5 kids with my mum, he stuck with the marriage until I had a say of who to live with because of my mum. As a result, my mum (who never worked a day in her life) be handed my dads inheritance from his mum, be handed my university fund (partly why I never went), be handed monthly sums of money. My dad was left with no savings but (amazingly) his property.

      If women want to be seen as equal they should stop this entitled bullshit.

    • I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Glad you learned from it I've seen it happen to several friends and family members. God bless and I'm proud of you for siding with you dad and sticking through tough times with him I'm sure he appreciated it fully. And you'll make a great partner to a special someone.

  • Not being a slut

  • If I'm confident she will let me pursue my happiness and not try to impose her plans on me. In other words, if she sees herself as an equal, rather than my new mother.

  • virginity is #1. From that onwards, less partners is always better than more partners. The more people you bond with romantically the less you have the capacity to bond in the future. The bond between two virgins is the strongest because when they think of sex or love they have only one person to think about. There are lots and lots of other criteria, but low promiscuity is number one, virginity being the 100% aced the test score in this category

    • lol one male upvote two female downvotes... that's hilariously predictable XD just remember sluts, you can stop being thots right now and look towards the future... or you can keep riding the cock carousal till your looks fade and see where you end up, keep in mind the cucked men willing to put up with such a wife are becoming fewer and fewer...

  • Blonde or brown or caramel hair
    White skinned (tan white skin is acceptable)
    Soft feminine features
    Tall for a woman (5'8+)
    Thin frame (average frame is okay, athletic frame is good, fat = bad)
    Curvaceous child bearing hips to carry my children
    Nicely shaped butt and nice boobs (not too big, only up to D cup)
    Low number of sexual partners (maximum of 3)
    Loyal to me and doesn't entertain other men
    Able to cook and clean and wash laundry
    Nurturing and enjoys taking care of me
    Great at sex with a good sex drive
    Submissive and lets me be the man of the relationship
    Old fashioned conservative beliefs
    Not feminist in any way (feminist = deal breaker)
    Good fashion sense and dress well depending on the occasion
    Comes from a good family and good upbringing
    Confident and good at handling herself in social settings
    Mentality stable (no history of mental/psychological issues)

  • Tomboyish
    Has a career

  • i'd imagine it's the same thing a woman wants in a husband in order for him to be a good husband. loyal, communicative, level-headed, responsible, loving, and willing to compromise in the relationship. obviously everyone has bad traits, but that's what i mean by compromising- mainly work on them for yourself and the relationship. and i mean i was glad that my girlfriend was a virgin and knowing that i was her first and i was the one she chose. but overall, if you love someone you love them and they're yours now

  • Very subjective answers will come but ill give you some things that most guys would like. Most guy won't mind virgins but the kinky guys might want someone as kinky as them

    1. Loyal
    2. Trustworthy
    3. Submission (at times)
    4. Good communicator
    5. Respctful
    6. Lots of love and affection
    7. Sex
    8. We get along well
    9. Supportive

    Now im not saying you have to be all of this. I know people are imperfect but these are just what i think will guarantee you that "wifey material status"

  • Pretty, kind, agreeable, and smart.

    I try to keep my criteria list short... But a girl who has even these 4 is pretty rare...

    • Lol. I agree with this. People focus to much about the physical. Like the guy that wants (basically) a virgin.

    • Sex is like... 25% of a relationship. So for that 25% yeah, you want a pretty gal! Pretty is definitely still on the list.

      But when you are trying to find a wife, this isn't about who you wanna bang when you're 20. This is about who you want to travel the world with when you're 60. We're all ugly at 60. That's where a lady with something between her ears and a big heart shines brightest.

      Virginity is fun, but not essential yknow?

  • Loyalty

  • Loyalty, respect for the other, not lazy, caring. Someone who won't treat me as her servant, or try to be mine.

  • Her wanting to be with me and only me. I understand that she will look, just come to me at the end of the day. Someone that I can trust with my heart.

  • We're all half of a whole. Some are a bigger half, some are a smaller half. Sometimes a half is all that's needed to survive. But when you meet another half that completes you but also shares some of your interests and goals in life. That's when you know she's wife material.

  • Someone who both listens to me but loves to talk as well. Who sees the relationship as a way to benefit us both.

    Also, being good with money helps. :D But that's not gender exclusive.

    Do you want to know more?

  • It would be nice if she was a virgin when I met her yeah, but it's not a requirement, as long as her number is low.

  • Similar interests, can have an intellectual conversation (and keep it going), and not afraid to show her attraction towards the guy she likes... though she'd have to be loyal as well.

  • Sense of humour, looks, witty, and doesn't break trust

  • I probably wouldn't marry a Virgin. But that girl in the picture she would do fine, I would marry her.

  • She if able to be a wife if she knows what it means to be a wife. It's entirely different to be a girl friend and most girls don't know that. They carry on as before.

  • If she truly loves me and would give my life a meaning

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  • When she a freak in the sheets and lady in the streets, she can cook, she can clean lol, she can hold a conversation.
    a lot goes into a woman being Wifey Material :P

    • "can" is the wrong word, everyone "can", it's when they actually do it without complaining every step of the way.

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    • I want a lady in the sheets.

    • Princess the question is about what guys would find attractive in a long term mate. But the one major factor that women seem to ignore in what is being said is loyalty. Is loyalty so undervalued by women that it's not even commented on?

  • Many guys have little understanding of what it means for a girl to transform from being a "girlfriend" to being a "wife" and "mother" and a boyfriend becoming a “husband” and “father.” To travel the course of time many attributes have to evolve among them being:
    - passionate sex becoming a steady warmth and affection
    - love talk becoming steady communication and mutual support
    - impetuous behavior and emotional distancing when feelings are hurt are replaced by becoming a person who can be relied upon; promises are kept; conflict worked out in a “win-win” manner.
    - two ego’s discovering that they are really separate individuals with different backgrounds and needs which are willingly subordinated to creating a partnership that is stable enough to raise children.

    You think these things are “easy” to achieve. Heck, it takes years to master. Many couples never get there. When the passionate sex dwindles what is left is misery and dissension. Not a pretty outcome, eh?

    • There's hope for the future yet (referring to your age).

    • @AlwaysBelieving
      To be fair, my viewpoint comes from years of chatting about relationships and what makes a marriage work with my mom, grandmoms, and aunts and sisters. Without their counsel I think I'd be like many girls my age... in it for the emotional high and the drama.

    • Good point. My parents and I have an odd relationship (I think).

  • virginity is a nice notion, but way too many girls i know are unhappy with marrying a man they have never had sex with... small penis and little to no semen... the man is only after his own pleasure and the wife withers inside...

    I have seen a lot of questions on here from married women complaining about bad sex and a husband with a small, ineffective penis..

    While i wish I could have my V card again, i would not marry a man who's manhood package and ability i didn't check out.

    Guys can tell we girls have nice boobs, butts, hips, and even pussies when we wear bikinis.

    • I dint answer the question tho...

      A wifey cares about her man, listens to him, "hears" what is important to him, and acts on it.

      She is open and honest with him, she trusts him and trusts him to trust her.

      She is a good homemaker, making home a place he looks forward to coming to more than any other place.

      She is conscious of his sexual needs, makes sure she is there when he needs her in bed, AND she talks to him about her needs.

      She has a backbone, but defers to him as the final authority as Head of the House. She backs him up when adversity confronts them.

  • -obedient
    -places the bulk of her self-worth on remaining 'pure'

  • Attention, affection and appreciation but that’s something that both parties should strive for.

  • Lol not asking the exact same question as others right the day later

  • The man wanting to marry and she's available.

  • Cook in kitchen
    Bitch in bed

  • not behaving like the girl in the picture.

  • My brother always said “If she can suck start a leaf blower” that’s his wife!!

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