Why can't she say I love you?

My girlfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half. 4 months ago I finally told her that I love her. I knew that I did before that time, but early in the relationship she had told me that she once dumped a guy after he told her he loved her because she knew he did not and she did not love him. That relationship was her longest outside of ours and it only lasted 3 months.

She was happy I told her I love her and even said she knew I was going to tell her. But the thing is she won't say I love you back. She just says she cares for me or that she wants me in her life. I'd think after a year and half she would know if she loves me and be able to say it. Especially since we live together.

So explain to me why a woman can't say I love you... I don't want her to say it just to make me happy. But I'm not sure how to take it because I thought she would have said it by now. I do know her parents split when she was very young so maybe she has love issues?


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  • goodness, 1 year and a half and she still has not said I love you? Hmmm... I'm not sure why that is. you should ask her and talk about what love means to you guys.

    My guy and I said "I love you" to each other about a week or two after we started dating/seeing each other and then he couldn't stop saying it.

    The thing is, maybe love means "staying with you forever, and making you apart of her life as very important and meaningful", or love means something else to you and so she isn't ready to give that type of feelings to you. It all depends on your definition of love and what you expect from after the words have been said. Like you said, if she doesn't love you and think you're going to fast then she should tell you why. You know? Just keep an open mind, open communication line to be able to say anything, and try to understand her. we can't really tell you her specific reasons because we are not her. hope that helps. good luck


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  • Maybe she may have love issues or maybe she needs more time to be with u. Hmm I've been with a girl for a year and she still dumped my ass and I loved her. Maybe she is afraid of getting her heart broken. You should ask why she won't say it or give it more time. Keep ya head up these thing take patience sometimes...

    • Well, I did tell her how another woman was with for 5 years never said I love you to me and she thought that was nuts. So I'm not sure exactly what her reaction to that means. It would suck if she up and left eventually just because she decides that she does not love me. I'm the first guy she has moved in with so it is pretty serious as far as I'm concerned.

      I do think a lot of it had to do with her parents splitting up when she was a baby though. Her dad cheated on her mom.

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