Could Friends With Benefits turn into anything? I need advice?

There's this guy I've recently been seeing. When we meet we always end up getting together, we either make out, do sexual things or whatever. I spoken to him about how he feels and he said he does not want a relationship at the moment and for now he's not ready. I was fine with that because I THOUGHT all I wanted was to have sex with him. The other day me and him ended up having sex, it was good sex & after it he was kissing my forehead & cuddling me. The sex got me attached because now I can't stop thinking about him. Lets call him T.

I met T through his friend, so today I decided to talk to his best friend about if he wants a relationship. Since me and his best friend have known each other for so long he said to me that he's gonna be honest, he told me that T does not have feelings for me and isn't attached, he told me that T said I'm just casual sex and he just classes it as 'Friends with Benefits' type of thing. I was quite upset but happy that I found out T's intentions.

I really like him, in fact I think I'm infatuated with him. The sex was great and I feel like we have such strong chemistry that even everyone else can see. I would do anything to keep him in my life, I would be anything to him as long as I'm apart of his life. I don't know whether to call him and tell him to come over and just have casual encounters with him.

There's a party next weekend that we are all going to and I'm not even there yet and I already know I will be tempted to have sex with him again. I'm so attached I will do anything to actually keep him around, even if its having Casual sex with him a lot. I'm already attached to him after having sex with him the first time, but the sex is really good so I don't know whether to carry on. Would it ever turn into anything? Do I do this or is it the wrong thing to do. If having sex with him is the only option to have him in a way... I would honestly do it. Is this a good idea? Do I do carry on doing this? I need advice. Thanks x
Could Friends With Benefits turn into anything? I need advice?
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