I just want to experience being loved by someone, what do I do?

My life is a joke! I’m 33 and I’m genuinely a nice guy, dress well, look the part have a sense of humour. I put on the biggest smile, keep people happy. Always there when needed.

But since the age of 16 I’ve just been rejected by every girl I’ve asked out. It hurts to say this but I have a 100% rejection rate.

At first I thought it was ok I’ll find someone but as times gone on it’s begun to hurt.

I wake up every morning hoping it’s time to go to bed because I’m surrounded by happy couples, Facebook statuses, what’s app statuses where I just see pictures of happy couples. It really hurts.

I’m not a jealous person but it really hurts when a friend told me he got engaged the other week. I thought Why him and not me.

I get asked by family and friends on when I’m getting married and I laugh it off saying soon... but deep down it hurts knowing there’s no one in my life and no one that finds me attractive.

Last year I fell for this girl, I thought she was genuinely attracted to me. It was really exciting. I thought my luck was changing. I was talking to her to for sometime then one day I found out she was playing me. I found out she was in a relationship. I don’t know why she did that because I really developed something for her.

All I want is to be happy. I’ve to a good job I keep myself occupied but I still have this failure hanging over me. No matter how confident I try and be this 100% rejection comes back to haunt me.

Two of my friends met their girlfriends is the most funniest places why doesn’t this happen to me.

I just want to be loved and I want to love. I don’t want to go cinema on my own. I don’t want to go restaurant on my own. I don’t want to be an OutKast around my friends when we all go. I don’t want to be the person to get rejected from a club where it says couples only.

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of my life. What do I do?
I just want to experience being loved by someone, what do I do?
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