Had u made any mistake which canot be erased?

I had or have a crush i m chasing her from 3 years but she dislikes me she had blocked me from everywhere n I had send her dozens of times different messages (honestly every one was a mess) recently I talked to our mutual friends to conviced her to talk to me one last time
Fortunately one friend made her to talk
A Wats App message came from her where I was blocked for long time

She : what do U want to say
She: why are you keep trying to contact me everywhere n sending messages me b my friends
She : can't U understand dat I m not interesting in you

Me : first of all thank you so much for replying n second if U had talk to me on dat day I will never tried to contact you you MIS judged me

She : there was nothing to talk on dat day and not even today we had

Me: I had something
Me : I had problems to share at dat time My future was abusing my mother
(I wrote future by mistake I want to write something else)

She : your life is urs my is mine as simple as that

Me :ok fine let's become stranger I will not contact you even I will not say ur name in front of any of ur friend

She: ( nor I remember exactly neither at dat time I was able to understand but it was some thing like it ) what did or will U get up to this

Me : sorry what

Me : I m saying. Dat if U UN block me from everywhere I will not try to contact you or will not talk about U with any of ur friend

She :ok

Me : good bye

Then I said myself I have to be the person of my words

She did not blocked me at Wats App but also not changed blocked to unblock at fb etc

For 20-25 day i controled myself in between I used to cheak whether she was online or not then one night I send text
Me I'm sorry I m not strong enough may you block me again
Till next night I was UN blocked
Then again
I send some messages ( whole mess)
After a day or 2 she blocked me

Had u made any mistake which canot be erased?
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