Getting a present for ex birthday? good or bad idea?

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  • Heck no. You will lose respect for ever. And if her friends find out then word will get around and girls will play you hard and then you will start to wonder why you keep getting hurt. Just move on.

    • I can't move on... we both are stubborn and our breakup was a mistake and I'm trying to fix it... is there any way?

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    • But a gift shouldn't fix that. If you two were already having problems then why is it going to be different this time? Or is it just because you miss her and you really don't care that the relationship will go back to saying hurtful things again to each other? It seems like you made up your mind about giving her the gift so I guess go for it.

    • The gift isn't meant to fix things directly... it's meant for her to come ask me about it or talk to me and then we can talk about our problems and fix things

Most Helpful Guy

  • If you're still friends, yes. If you're not, then no


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What Girls Said 3

  • Let her move on, let yourself move on. Don’t throw anything more at something that ended for a reason. Don’t give her a present even if you think it would fix things it won’t - it’ll just add fuel to the flame.

    • Our breakup was a mistake and we both know it

    • Breakups are never a mistake, breakups signify that there are fundamental problems in the relationship.
      Although, in you replying to this in such a way, I think you’ve already made up your mind that you’re going to give her the present so good luck. Presents don’t bring back a relationship, I’m sorry.

  • It depends on the situation when you broke up

  • Seriously? You two are exs for a reason. time to move on man. Nothing is going to fix it's self.

    • It's not that easy... we broke up over something stupid... it was a mistake

    • Then you two ain't meant to be if you broke up over something stupid.

    • People make mistakes

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