Do I tell boyfriend that I told his former friend why my boyfriend and I broke up a year ago?

So my boyfriend and his former friend are no longer friends. Additionally, this guy was my bfs coworker/super. My boyfriend quit his job months before our big break up. He quit hanging out with the former friend, call him Jake. Jake often would hit up my boyfriend to hang out but my boyfriend never did... My boyfriend pretty much ghosted him. Plus, he broke Jake's TV and owes him a couple hundred. Fast forward. My boyfriend and I break up. I am super pissed. My boyfriend was a huge asshole so of course I get my revenge by telling his former friend what a jerk off my boyfriend was and all the things he did to me. Anyway, 8 months later, my boyfriend and I get back together. My boyfriend needs Jake as a reference for work, but Jake does not respond back to my boyfriend. My boyfriend still talks about Jake and has asked me to contact him, but I lied and said that I lost his number. I think my boyfriend is just using him for networking. Do I tell my boyfriend that I told Jake what a jerk my boyfriend was being a year ago, or just let it play its course? My boyfriend will flip either way.


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  • Just let it play its course.

    Without you telling Jake about your boyfriend, Jake still will ditch your boyfriend. Everybody would.

    It is not neccessary to deal unnecessary damage to your relationship for the sake of candor


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