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I'm currently in a long distance relationship with a guy who's my age and is in another state. I'm dealing with family issues, personal problems, and I feel really alone and stressed. Our relationship is pretty serious but I believe that after all I've been through I shouldn't have to settle for less with anything, he loves me and has made it clear he wants to take my virginity and have a future with me. He promised once he'd turn 18 he'd come for me but that's going to be around the end of next year yet he doesn't even try to make any progress that can get him to come sooner. Where should I go from here?
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  • Break up with him and date someone else
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  • You should break up, because you don't seem serious enough, tbh. Either that or he is super uncommitted. But he might have good reasons for not coming to see you right away. But when one of your answer options is "cheat on him", that's a pretty clear sign that you're not that invested in this relationship anymore. So maybe move on.

  • You need patients I'm in long distance relationship we have different religions different cultures even different timezone (4hours) but I'm working to go and see her and she is working on coming and visit me so we will see who can made it first but none of us is thinking about cheating you think of that means you may don't love him enough if that true just break up better for you than keep lying at yourself and him

  • How could you even put "cheat on him"? See girl not being aggressive but long distance relationship means you have to be very very patient. Sometimes different timezones different cultures different situations.
    And on top of it blind trust on that guy. Coz you don't know what he is upto. So ya that's why if you can be patient then wait. Or else break up and tell him you can't handle distance.
    But lemme tell you the other side of being patient. If he is worth it you will enjoy being with him in the end.


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