Does he like me? (this is long by the way so...)?

So there's this guy in my school band class (I'm in middle school) . He is known for being kind of a bad kid and has dated a lot of girls (Lol he makes dick jokes a lot). We've been okay friends for a while, and he seems to confide in me a lot (he can get suicidal, and he always comes to me first). He recently went through a breakup with one of my friends, which make the situation harder.

So the other night, I had a lesson, he waited for me A WHOLE HOUR just so he could walk with me he said. After, he was teaching me how to play an instrument and was very touchy (his hands on mine and in my space, but he had to be kind of), but also respectful in asking me if it was okay for him to do so. He heard me complaining about my back (my instrument is heavy) and offered to carry it for me. In band today, we were watching a movie. He invited me to sit with him. I didn't have a place to put my freakishly long legs and feet, so he let me put them in his lap. When a guy got way to close to me he was very quick to notice me being uncomfortable and made him back away. The other boy called me "baby" and the guy was very quick to defend me and cursed the guy out, taking him into a corner and said something that I never heard. His friend says he thinks that the boy likes me. He said he had something to tell me, but never got to it- maybe it was that he likes me?

Do you think he likes me? Also, since he's dated a lot of girls, do you think he may be doing all of this just to "reel me in", or do you think maybe im different? Maybe everyone has misread him and he really does care? He at least seems to care about me. And also, if he does like me is it okay because he dated my friend? She says its fine but should I still not?


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  • Play hard to get, if he continues to do things like this then he likes you

    • im being super needy just to see to what length he will go to help or defend me

      * always have a plan ladies *

  • Really?

    • what do you mean?
      if that's meant to sound rude and sarcastic then you've succeeded.

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    • is that bad

    • Okay. Now it's a gamble. He can be different for you. I suggest take spend some time with him. And get to know him better. Try talking to him about his past. Y he broke up with so many girls or what happened. And then if you feel that he ain't a fuckboy go for it. But unless you are 💯 sure don't do anything stupid for him.

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