Do I initiate contact with a friend after telling him I was still into him?

We’ve talked about it before and I stupidly brought it up again. I honestly wouldn’t have brought it up again, but I drank too much on Saturday and opened up that rabbit hole.

He told me we were friends (again) but I haven’t heard from him in four days. I feel bad for putting him in this situation and I’m embarrassed. I want to apologize but I feel like I’ve put it off too long.


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  • Yes. I don't think you should contact. Because he definitely is nit into you. And probably that's why avoiding you. (It could also be that he was busy).

    • What’s getting me is that he keeps looking at things I’m posting on Snapchat, so he keeps popping up but hasn’t talked to me.

    • The way i see it, he probably just thinks of you as one of the other friends. Like i might see 10 people's snaps, but does not mean i talk to all. And they also mostly aren't bothered by it.

  • Why do you drink?

    • Why does that matter?

    • Because it's where the problem started.

    • No. The problem started when I got a crush on the guy in the first place and didn’t let it go. I should have cut him out of my life when he told me no the first time. That’s where the problem lies. Alcohol can’t make me do things. I’m the only one that can officially make my own decisions.

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