Why would he lie?

Why would he lie to me saying he's in relationship with my friend who I included her in our relationship (we are not a couple) and starts teasing me after I said to him that he should go for my friend and he responded that they are already together while they're not and keeps getting on my nerves.
PS:I was first at making him jealous.


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  • You said you first made him jealous on purpose? well making someone jealous on purpose be it a man or a woman is never a good thing to do. You made him jealous first and so now he is giving you a taste of your own medicine, he is now trying to make you jealous on purpose.

    • Yes but he went so far and in order to punish him I stopped talking to him and cut all the sources where he can get my news even the eye contact I avoid it and when it happens I look away

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  • To play games with you, why else? If you're gonna make him jealous he shall return the favor.

    • So he must be interested in me to actually do that

    • Maybe or he could just be testing what makes you tick. Playing games doesn't always necessarily equal like.

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  • Becoz he likes u and is playing hard to get making u jellous seeing if ur worth it

    • Making someone jealous on purpose is a very childish, immature and stupid way to test someone's worth in their life. Definitely not a mature behaviour. According to me at least

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    • Obviously he was also looking at slmethkng else as well

    • What is it

  • Did you ask him first?

    • Yes i I did

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    • Yes guess so but there is that weird connection between us that keeps making us meet together and not expected places but who cares screw him

    • Give it time. And let him grow. But move on with your life. Don't just pause. Keep moving forward. ☺

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