Am I taking hoe this guy treats me the wrong way?

So there is this guy that I can hardly call a friend, and I feel like he's a bit of a douche, but im also not sure if im taking it the wrong way. For example, the other day I asked him to shoot me some pics of a texbook page if he could, and he told me "Just a piece of advice, I bought this book so I didn't have to depend on people", and the other day in calculus I asked him how he solved one of the ecuations, he explained it to me and i told him there was something I didn't understand, so he said: " our teacher explained that last class, how is it you dont remember? " and started laughing, I told him not to make fun of me, and he said it was impossible not to, and he ALWAYS acts like that. SO, am I taking this too personal and if so, how should I change my way of thinking?


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  • He's being a jerk. You're not being too sensitive. Talk to him about it seriously or don't hang around him.


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