Repetitive thoughts?

I have this repetitive thought that I've cheated when I haven't.
That I'm a liar when I'm not really.
That i've done all these terrible things and it makes me really anxious.
What is this called?
OCD? Paranoia?


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  • It sounds to me like you may have mental health issues that need addressing.

    I don't wish to alarm you but it sounds like the possible onset of something like paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or multiple personality disorder. It probably isn't and is probably just a reaction to some sort of trauma, which could have happened in childhood and you don't remember it.

    Please go to a medical professional though and have it checked. If it is anything serious and is diagnosed early enough it can be controlled with medication. If, as I suspect, it's nothing too serious then you can get it addressed and not have it bother you in future.

    Best of luck either way.

    • Ok I don't think I have any of those things lol. I just think I'm paranoid and delusional. I don't hear voices or anything

    • You may not hear voices - only a few people do. Please get it checked though - better safe than sorry as my mother used to say

  • It'd only be OCD if you have to do something like walk in and out of a door with both feet in order to get the thoughts to stop. So probably paranoia but I've never heard if this before, sorry.

  • I think you should discuss this with your parents or a counsellor.


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