I talk with this guy and he isn't clear about what he wants?

He never shares his personal life with me. He just wants to talk about movies and safe topics. We had a history together but nothing serious and long time ago. We agreed to stay friends. But he fights over stupid reasons and basically he doesn' want to talk about anything serious except these things I said. movies songs and videos. Nonsense. I asked him yesterday why he talks to me at the first place? He didn't reply as always and changed subject to new movie that come out next week. What he wants from me?


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  • Judging from his behavior, not a relationship. Maybe just attention and/or sex, and probably just the former.

    • He searches for other people for sex. But downer have anyone this period. What u mean but attention. Like ego boost?

    • By attention *

    • Yeah, ego boost or just plain boredom. You can find someone who really wants to be with you.

  • You only open up with him


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