Things ended pretty badly and I want to either make things right again or let things end on a good note. Advices?

Things ended pretty badly with a girl i've known for 12 years. Need advices.
I was always a cool, relaxed and confident guy during my school days. When I said something people used to stop what they were doing and focus on me. I was highly respected and was a fun person. This girl loved me during that time but I didn't feel the same way. In 2013 my ex died in an accident and that took a toll on me. A few months later my closest friends felt that all these years I have been taking the spotlight away from them and thus turned against me. I lost everything I held dear. I developed social anxiety, feeling of not good enough and many other fears. I had low self esteem and became a completely different guy.
My parents didn't understand what I was going through. This girl was there for me when nobody else was. Over time I accepted the loss of my ex and got back on track. I fell for her. After a lot of thought I finally told her how I felt. She said that she doesn't feel the same way anymore and I was a different person but that if things work out in the future she would love it. She became the reason I wanted to be a better man.
Things went pretty wrong after that. I made a lot of mistakes and caused her pain. I learned from those mistakes but I made too many of them. I did things that just pushed her away to the point that she didn't even want to see me. Then in the end it was hurting me and I let her go saying if she wanted to see me again she should give me a call. I unfriended her from facebook. Never heard from her again.
Its been months now and I have finally accepted my flaws and mistakes. I learned to love myself to the fullest. I changed myself because its better for me and didn't make her my motivation anymore. The only thing I hate is that things ended on a bad note. I want to make things right again or at least end things on a high note. There's plenty of opportunity to see her and talk to her but I don't know what to say. Any advices?


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  • Everything could change for better if you are really changed from within. Now, since you say that you have changed for good, test yourself. Have you got rid all those anti social behavior during the bad times? Do you seek happiness in smallest of things? Do you value people and their company? Are you able to make up for all the pain that you caused her? Have things worked out in way she would have liked to see in you?

    As an analyst, I feel the reason she didn't reply to your feelings back then was for you to be able to stand on your feet before the society before you went on knees before her. She might still be feeling like that. Since, you can connect with her, why are waiting still? Go and ask for forgiveness genuinely. Don't bother to wipe tears if they come. Just be real and tell that you want to see everyone around you happy, her being the most. For she had stood by you all this time and you were blind all this time. Tell her that you want to reset everything and start on a journey with two tickets.
    All this would succeed only if you are genuine with yourself as well with her.
    Don't just hug or do anything like that right away. Wait for her to accept you back as hear crush. 😉
    And please don't forget to remember me if everything works out well.
    Let me know if I had been of help with a click of MHO.


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