My boyfriend caught me cheating!! What do I do?

ears! he's been the best father to my son whos biological dad never cared or even contacted! Im so thankful for him, he treats me like a princess he always puts me first he's amazing! Anyway last night it was our monthly girls night out so after a night of heavy drinking combined with a good song i went and started dancing and a guy started grinding me well i dont know why i didn't stop, drunk me thought it was harmless but that had a snowball effect of me ending up at his place! It was 3 in the morning when he found the spare key to his place behind the post box, he was worried since i said id be back by 12 so he tracked my iphone to make sure i was okay! Anyway he found the spare key and found me and him having sex i was in pure shock when i saw him! I just covered up and cried! He hugged me and asked if i wanted to come home, i said yes and got dressed didn't say anything to the guy! He was silent and also in shock! So we left, i spent the whole trip home crying and apologizing, i know its what i wanted but after a few tears from both sides he forgave me and that makes me feel so much more guilty! he's been quiet but he's told me he loves me and he still kisses me and hugs me! But how do i rid myself of the guilt?
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he's been the father to my child for 3 years he understood i was drunk, he loves me! But i hate this feeling of guilt :(
My boyfriend caught me cheating!! What do I do?
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