Do I need to tell her?

Yesterday, one of my good friends was talking about the guy she's in love with. Since then i just relize that i love her too. I don't know if i should tell her or just keep being friends, anyone got some advice?Do I need to tell her?


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  • Ummm depends really, are you going to tell her in hopes she’ll break up with the guy she’s with or are you telling her so you feel more relieved and not keeping it all in?

    • She isn't in relationship with him. but that's my question should i tell or not?

    • If she isn’t in a relationship with him then I’d say go for it but find a good time to tell her if that makes sense

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  • If you tell her, she will be confused. If she rejects your feelings, your friendship may broken. It is a question of worth.


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  • you should tell her


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