Is it weird that I'm not mad at my girlfriend for cheating and I still want to stay with her?

Her reason was because I don't sexually satisfy her and she needs more. So we decided she's going to cuckold me


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  • She CHEATED on you. She went behind your back and did it with another man, while you’re still protecting her and loving her. She doesn’t deserve a guy like you. Unless she feels really bad and shows you that she truly cares about you, then you’re allowed to consider it.. but the fact that she clearly stated that you’re not good enough for her. Why is she good enough for you? You deserve way much than that. I think you just don’t want to accept it and you’re afraid of losing her, because you think that you’re not capable of getting someone worthy of you.. but I do believe that you can find someone that will appreciate and respect as who you are... okay you get turned on by the fact that she’s doing it.. but doesn’t it cross your mind that she’s basically the one that’s manipulating and controlling you. She doesn’t respect you enough to make you the only one that she loves. I think you need to see that you’re actually worth being loved.

    • I know but I just really want to be with her anyway

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    • I really understand where you’re coming from, but usually the girls that are harder to get are the ones that turn on guys, but it never crosses their mind that this woman really knows what she’s doing and knows how to play the game properly and I don’t think anyone deserves that even if you love her so much. You don’t. You’d regret it later trust me. Love can blind us sometimes. Even Satans can be dressed as Angels and still fool you. Don’t give in.

    • And I need you to know that there are going to be a lot of girls that are lucky to have you. You will find someone worthy of you. You just need to move on.

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  • For your own self-respect and self-worth I'd certainly question the situation. You're willing to be faithful to only her, but it's ok for her to be unfaithful? I think you're blinded by intense feelings for her, and I could be wrong, but I'd guess it's probably because you don't think you can do better. I would leave the relationship immediately, it sounds very toxic, and you're only going to get hurt more. Because the truth is, you CAN do better, nobody should be with a partner who openly cheats on them. It won't be easy, but you should leave her.

    • But in some ways I'm actually kind of turned on by the thought of her doing it

    • Well, I mean if that's what you're into, then I guess that's what you're into. I'd wonder why though, and I'd think it has to do with self worth issues. But do you man. I just think down the road it would lead to unhappiness

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  • Its lack of respect for yourself.

  • I know we tell girls who get cheated on by their boyfriends, "you need to gtfo of that relationship" very plain and simple and everything...
    But since you're a guy cheated on by a girl...
    The case doesn't change.
    You need to gtfo of that relationship.

  • Maybe she knows this and it's the reason she cheated in the first place. She knows you are soft for her... Stand your ground. She has to be the one who experiences a loss, not you. Cheating is never good, and she might do it again with that attitude... You honestly deserve someone who is like you in that way. Who WOULDN'T cheat on you because they love you so much

  • Once a cheater, always a cheater. Remember that, amigo.

  • Yes and no.. Yes because she cheated on you but also no because it shows that you really care about her.. even though it was wrong that she cheated. She’s lucky that you’re not mad at her because most people would have probably been mad. But it’s good that you forgive her.

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  • It only becomes weird, if you find yourself liking the thought of your girl all up on another guys junk.
    Forgiveness is a very powerful thing and if more people could be like this, the world we be a much better place.
    Yes my friend, we all Fk up at times but hopefully she has learned from it and will now wholeheartedly commit herself to you.

    • The more I think about it the more I actually do get turned on by it I'm not sure why

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    • Ok, so you're saying that you'd be perfectly ok with and even seriously turned on by watching the woman you love and who is supposed to love you, getting nailed by some other dude?

    • I actually think I kinda am

  • Yes. Most of the time it shows a lack of self-respect. Most likely she will keep doing it because she is going to see you as a pushover.

    • Yeah she pretty much knows I won't do nothing about it

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    • @Wally48 I am on the small side and I have a hard time keeping an erection

    • Your story just freaked me out. The issue here is much more about you giving up on your libido and your dick than it is tolerating her cheating. Your are far too young to give up on having a normal healthy sexual relationship. It's one thing for a 70yo guys dick to quit and call his sex life over, but you realistically cannot spend another 35 years living like a cuck. And with the attendant emotional degradation, you might wind up with some kind substance abuse problem due to the pain. Please, please work every medical, dietary, and exercise solution. And talk the situation over with a counselor.

      And being "on the smaller size" is simply not a good excuse. I had a lifetime friend, named Mark that was handsome, witty, a total fuckboy and an absolute rock star in bed. I know this because his ex's came crying to me when he dumped them. Mark was 4" ALL UP. And I know that because I had to endure his fucking girls 6 nights a week in our little dorm room. Good Luck!!

  • You have the same problem many guys have. You aren't confident of your ability to get another girlfriend; a better girlfriend so you'd rather stay with a cheating girlfriend and have a girl to be with regularly. Problem is, this tells her it's ok so she'll continue to believe she can get away with it and lose respect for you as well.

  • No offense but it's stupid. You're not stupid but the fact that you're not leaving her is stupid. Think about it: she valued you as much as you valued her then why would she cheat? Maybe you're a Nice Guy this may seem alright to you but I'm telling you now. If you leave her now you're gonna be better off later and if she really wants you back she'll be desperate.

    Don't be afraid ask for real and honest advice bruh.

  • I mean, it's because you've got a lack of self respect man. In your eyes, you're probably just happy she hasn't left you, which she pretty much has. You need to stand up for yourself. You can do better, you just need to try.

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