No “I love you” after nine months?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months. We were/still are intense straight away and nothing has changed. He is 32 and I am 20 - our age gap was a concern for both of us at first until we realised we were so into each other it didn’t matter. He had expressed very early on that before we met he wanted to take a break from dating and enjoy his hobbies etc and then he met me and that changed. We both work in aviation so we see each other probably around 2-3 times a week and majority of our days off are spent together. (We both like this as it gives us things to talk about when we do see each other).
He isn’t looking for kids or marriage right now and obviously neither am I. We both want to progress further in our careers and travel even more, and have even planned a long trip around Asia in 4 months time together.
He takes me on incredible dates, surprises me with really thoughtful things like flowers, making breakfast in bed, cooking candle lit dinners. He has very recently moved into a new apartment and has even given me a spare key. He is overall genuinely caring. His actions really do tell me he cares a lot for me.
However, he still has not told me he loves me. I love where we are in our relationship and so does he, we both have no desire right now to push things or put time pressures on anything, as that’s why I believe our age gap benefits us.
He is extremely chilled out and relaxed and I don’t believe that I am only a convenient relationship for him due to my age. We have spoken about it thoroughly before and it led to him being offended after all the things he does for me. Which I agree with. But I do worry that I will gain more and more feelings for him as time goes on and he won’t. I’m not asking for a ring and a gown but I need some reassurance that we are on the right track and he will eventually tell me he loves me. Should I keep waiting?
No “I love you” after nine months?
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