He says leave him alone?

So I've been messing with this guy for about 4 months now. both freshmen in college. Long story short we got into an argument because he tried to talk to my roommate BEFORE he knew me or we officially talked to one another. (yes I'm jealous due to past relationship) so the other night we went to go get a pizza and he wanted to come back to my dorm. I told him no because she was there.. He stayed at my dorm for the past 3 nights) so he was like OK cool well you can't spend the night to night I can't sleep with you your too wild. I said okay but we were still feuding about the roommate thing.. He goes and get in the shower while I'm in his room. He texts me and tells me to leave! So we text while his in the bathroom and he comes out were still arguing and I called him a LAIR and that really pissed him off.! So he says you can spend the night but tomorrow this is a thing of the past...We argued until bout 2 in the a.m he didn't wanna talk to me touch me look at me I couldn't lay on him NOTHING! Then today I texted him and I told him I understood I was wrong but I'm not going to keep stressing it and he said he didn't care to leave him alone! is he serious?!


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  • Honey let this one go. Just for the simple fact that he text you from the bathroom to leave. That alone is enought reason for you to have nothing to do with him. Not only is that immature, cowardly, and childish its really just plain stupid lol He seems like a jerk and very immature. So your not losing anything, well, other than a booty call. Your a freshman in college those come a dime a dozen.

    But ... hate to do it... but on your part:

    1.You even knew it important to say the word BEFORE. if you knew it was before then what's the problem? Your jealous over past relationships? Sweetie come on, you can't make one man pay for the mistakes of another. This time its not a big deal but you never know when it could be. You don't want to lose a good man over something like this.

    2.If you are "fueding as you put it with a man, do not, and I repeat, do not go back to his place. that puts you at a disadvantage. and if you are argueing with someone why would you want to spend the night with them anyways?

    3.This is the most important thing that I'm going to say on this whole thing "IF A MAN TELLS YOU TO LEAVE, ...LEAVE!" He was trying to hurt your feelings. He was trying to make you mad and make you upset. By texting him while he is in the bathroom (for one I would have been in that bethroom so damn quick!) you are just playing right along with him.

    4. When a man says things like " you can spend the night but tomorrow this is a thing of the past..."...your response should be why wait until tomorrow?!

    5. If he wouldn't look/touch/talk to you or anything why did you stay? Why did you want to?

    6. Don't apologize when you both are just as guilty. You might have started it with your jealousy but his immature actions took the cake.

    I don't think that he is serious. But I personally think you should drop the loser. But if your not you need to play this very smart. Do not text or call him anymore. If you see him ignore him. etc. etc. When he calls you don't answer at first. Make him blow that phone up! If he doesn't then let it go because he really doesn't care. But if he does after several calls from him you answer the phone...dont have an attitude or anything like that. just sound indifferent as if its nobody special anxwering the phone. after he said whatever hello whatever you just simply say"i don't have time for this anymore baby".

    then you hang up and for the next couple calls ignore him don't talk to him until the next day.

    make hi, squirm. that's what he did to you. if he's gonna try to play games, play them better ;)

    • Couldn't have said it any better myself. Best answer! Stick to this, girl. Cause she said everything you needed to know. And yes, he's playing games, so play them better.

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    • ok well he got let go before ya'lls fight or before he called you?

      well really either way he's probably just trying to get sympathy as a way to make an excuse for his actions. Like I said before he's playing games. show him sympathy on this issue but stick witht the rest of what I told you, ok? because in 2 weeks you'll have another fight and he'll play the same game but just switch it up a bit. if you intend to try to stay with him you are going to need to show him that his games and...

    • (con't) immature behavior aren't going to cut it. and iof he's going to be with you he's going to have to grow up. so don't ever just stick around again while he's having a tantrum. because then you are telling him (not with words but with your actions) that what he is doing is ok.

      but in all honesty sweetie, for you to be able to stay with him and you actually be happy he would have to change. and trying to change a man is a WAIST OF TIME! You can't change someone. it happens but rarely.

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  • The guy seems to be pretty immature. My ex was upset because I pursued her best friend before we got together. She accused me of sleeping with her the night we all first met and I took her home. Later on her best friend brings up a threesome. I've never really been into threesomes but I told her best friend that I was interested.

    They both came over my house to watch a movie. Her best friend was laying on her (my girlfriend at the time) and caressing her chest. I tried to fondle her best friend's chest but she pulled away. This backfired and her best friend told her what I did. She blamed me even though she let her bisexual best friend fondle her in front of me while we were dating. So I lied about being sorry and it was all my fault. Got some fake tears and everything.

    Consider this a blessing. You are better off without him.

  • He got what he needed from you & is ready to move on, just let it be.


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  • look girl your to good for him he is immature for a college student he is a coward because he could not even face you directly there are PLENTY of other guys and way better then this guy stop stressing over it and have fun with other friends I promise you'll feel WAY better

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