He doesn't know how to resolve anything - what do I do?

I really love and care for my boyfriend, but he does not know how to resolve a problem to save his life. Here are some examples:

1. He can't get a job. Better yet - he doesn't even try. He'd rather be gaming online all day than seriously look into job applications. I have a stable, successful job and I have offered to help him look, but he always turns down my help.

2. He did something that crossed my line of "this is not okay" 1 month ago. Instead of trying to fix it and make it okay together, he keeps ignoring the issue and hoping it goes away. When you really get hurt by someone you trusted 100% it takes a long time to heal and trust again - instead of working with me on this, he gets cold when we argue and I can see it leading to the same solution of what he did.

3. He makes me reach out first because he says he doesn't know what to do. This is probably why his past relationships did not work. He does something wrong, it turns into the smallest of arguments, but he doesn't want to be the first to say sorry and work through it. I always reach out and go out of my way to start up a conversation that gets us talking again. It's tiring doing this every time, even for the bigger fights where I need him to at least meet me half way.

4. For anything that doesn't go his way, he simply resorts to "I give up on everything." I'm sorry - this is not a solution to anything. This should not be a person's first "go to" when things don't go as planned.

I kind of know the answer -- I don't want to be with him anymore. It's not good for me in any way and, honestly, I'm hurt past a point of saving this relationship. However, I still love him and he used to be my best friend - how do I save a friendship? Is it worth saving? What do I do and how do I recover? I still love it and I'm finding it really hard to believe I can trust again after this one. It hurts the most because we were the closest best friends (as long as I take care of all the problems, apparently).
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Some of you asked about his reaction: He feels really bad for what he has done this past month. He's apologized a million times, but keeps repeating the same mistakes when he loses his temper over little things. He does love me, but he does not know how to handle responsibility in a relationship when he needs to and I need someone who can.

I'm stepping out of the relationship permanently and friendship for a bit to set myself straight. Thank you to everyone for helping me sort out my thoughts.
He doesn't know how to resolve anything - what do I do?
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