Should I leave him?

I've been with this guy for almost 2 months, it was fun and exciting because it was new and different. But lately I've started getting bored of the relationship I find myself wanting to be alone most of the time, so I sometimes actively ignore him. I'm aware of how wrong that is but sometimes I just need my own time alone, but after my alone time I'm okay again

I'm so confused on whether I love him or not. I don't know what to do because I'm so new at this relationship stuff.


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  • Are you actually 'bored' or do you just find you're happier in your own company? If you're actually bored, then I'd cut the ties with him because it's not fair to string him along if you're not interested. If you're happier in your own company, there is no harm in it and you'll kind of grow into being in a relationship. Be patient and maybe talk to him about it?

    • I think I might be happier in my own company. Relationships are new to me so it's just weird having someone else suddenly in my life like this

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  • If you're "bored", you don't love him.

  • U don't love him. It's lust

    • We've never done anything sexual

    • Then get it done. But definitely its affection and lust have sex. And u will not get bored of him. Talk dirty to him. U will eventually start liking talking to him

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