Why do you think some women get back with the guys who treated them bad?

Like if the guy was the cheater and she broke up with him but the time pass, the guy wanted to get back to her and convince her in some way and then the lady falls for the guy once again.

At work there is a lady like that 2 years ago she was even engaged to this guy, they both are Christians. He got along well with his girlfriend daughter since they met for the first time like 3 years ago ( the daughter is from a previous relationship when she was much younger, when she was like 20, now my coworker is 28, so she is a single mother) The guy developed a good relationship with the lady´s daughter. In fact she moved in to a new apartment in another town close to where the guy lives (but not moved in together yet) as they were dating but also that way the guy´s mother could babysit the gf´s daughter while she was at work. Some time later they moved in together and got engaged..

But then they broke off the engagement like one year after she met the guy as according to the lady he cheated on her. The lady´s daughter who is like 8 or 9 years old, begged her mother not to break it off with the guy, but she did it anyway. After the breakup she talked bad about the guy, and she did not want to see him again and she used to say “Now I will focus on myself and enjoy my freedom”. Well it seems I was told that just recently maybe some months ago, she got back with her ex as they were seen kissing each other one day in the morning when he dropped her off at work in his motorcycle. i assume that maybe the daughter wanted them to be together again and in some indirect way her daughter decision had something to do with they are together again, Of course there could be other possible reasons reasons as well.

Are these women masochists in some way?
Why do you think some women get back with the guys who treated them bad?
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