He wants to keep seeing me...but he doesn't want a serious relationship?

Oh man. The guy I've been seeing for 3 months told me he doesn't want a serious relationship. Not that he wants to stop seeing me altogether---no, he talked about how much he likes being with me and how amazing the time we spent together was, and we've already made plans for doing something in a few weeks---but he doesn't like the boyfriend/girlfriend labels and all that implies. He has never been in a committed relationship but he acknowledged that I'm pretty much all he wants in a girl. So he wants to be casual. I agreed as I'm not really in a Serious Relationship place in my life right now. We made plans to meet up later in January.

But later I texted him saying that maybe I was wrong, because the idea of dating multiple people at once made me uncomfortable. This had not come up in the course of our conversation---it just occurred to me afterward. I do want to see him and at least try this casual stuff. Did I ruin everything? What do I do? I am of two minds:

1) See how being casual works

2) Kick him in the nuts for being confusing


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  • GIRL,

    It all comes down to you and want you with him! if you feel like deep inside you want a serious relationship weather its with him or not and knowing that, that's not what he wants I suggest kicking him in the nuts for being confusing LOL! But if you only want it casual and accept thing the way they are then whatever "floats your boat, girl"... But on the other hand if you continue to do it casual and have no ties what if you start falling for him and he is still on the casual page where still he wants nothing serious! That's going to be real hurtful too! You have to be careful and don't let yourself get hurt. I think this guy is trying to have it all and still mess around! maybe... ? Be careful

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