Guys, Is It Just Me Or Do Most Women Lack Any Sort Of Depth?

I'm going through a new chapter in my life where I'm 28 years young, self employed. Loving fitness and studying Economics, i know who i am and what my purpose on this earth is. I'm just really happy with who I've become... However I', m now looking for a lady to settle down with... not so easy.

Is it just me or is it difficult to find a female with anything more than sexual intelligence?

What i mean by Sexual intelligence is getting a man to lust over you, which really isn't difficult yet they think it's an accomplishment. Once the honey moon stage is done and you sit down to actually have an intelligent conversation with ladies... you can tell no one is home upstairs :-s

I feel like woman have been lied to their whole lives and I don't even know who lied to them but they all do it, thinking that a pretty face and "how long i can keep you away from my vagina" whilst dressed half naked is somehow empowerment? Somehow intelligence? Somehow fitting of your commitment to her?

My whole life i have had women tell me they love me. However when i quiz them on, what my mothers name is, what my favourite food is, just general questions like that, they go blank.. am i the only one dealing with this?

When i ask my female friends, they tell me, "Maybe you aren't looking in the right places, to which i answer, "if i have to search the nooks and crannies for intelligent conversation, then what is that saying about the populous of women?"

Guys, is it easy for you to find girls you can talk about geopolitics with? Investment ideas? Astronomy, History? First principles? Philosophy?
And who won't give you 1 word replies?

I used to wonder why women complained about all the good men disappearing, now I've become one, I GET WHY THEY RAN!

I feel so let down and disappointed that sexual persuasion seems to be all females these days have, is any one else going through this? I think I'm just an old soul in a young body lol (youngish)
I feel your pain Bro. MGTOW xD
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Dude, there's tons of women with substance. It's probably where you live (City Of London)
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Lol I'm just here for the comments
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When i was 17 my EQ was tested in the top 5% in the UK, one of the reasons why i got into psychotherapy, I've words with depression and phobias and helped cure them. My IQ is 137 however i have always held my emotional intelligence as dearest to me.

I thought it best to state this because i see people trying to box me in the IQ department in order to formulate a strawman argument. :-/ I'm no nerd folks, I'm simply looking for a rounded personality. If you have no clue of geopolitics
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Then there's something seriously wrong with that, we are on the brink of ww3, governments are poisoning your food supply. All I'm asking is to have an understanding of the world around you, is that too much? really? To have a BASIC knowledge of all the liberal arts, to me, shows a sick and selfish mind and one content in their ignorance.

I'm sorry if i offend anyone but the truth is the truth.
Guys, Is It Just Me Or Do Most Women Lack Any Sort Of Depth?
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