When was the first time you fell in love?

Everyone remembers their first love ( I hope), when was it?


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  • That's harder to answer than it sounds - although I have an answer.

    First schoolboy crush - I was in 2nd grade and her name was Ann.

    First time I thought I was in love. The girl I dated through last year of high school and first two years of college. We lost our virginity to each other. I was 16, she was 15. After we had sex I was sure of three things. 1) I was a man!! 2) I was totally in love. 3) She was the gal I was going to marry and have babies with, the house in the suburbs. The lot.

    Frankly, a 16 year old boy probably does not know what love is, and I was probably just being controlled by my penis, but I wanted to be with her and I did care about her. Two separate colleges far apart put paid to that. Though I still remember her fondly.

    At age 39 I met a woman at a party. We started dating. I was sure I was in love. I was always thinking about her. I bought her things. I got her pregnant and she had an abortion without telling me. I was crushed and my life went into a tailspin. It was like a bad movie.

    Then, I started to pull myself together. I went to a business reception for my Boss. I met this gal. She was cute and I loved her smile, but I had been burned badly. I didn't pursue it.

    Then she would call me and invite me out to "business lunches." She would drop my the office with information that she easily could have e-mailed to me. She invited me to a few "business dinners." Finally, I asked her out.

    12 years and three little gifts who call me daddy later, and I cannot imagine my life without her. She forgave me when I could not forgive myself. She holds me when she knows I am scared. I wish our kisses could last forever. When I get on my high horse - and I do a lot - she just rolls her eyes, smiles at me and pats me on the cheek. Her smile still lights up my world. When we have sex, I feel like I am living on another world. When I hold her hand, I never want to let go.

    We are not married. We don't want to be because we love what we have and think it is natural and beautiful. A ceremony, an expensive ring and a permission slip from the state not only would not add to it - it would somehow make it seem less.

    Yet, I know - and more than know - that business reception 12 years ago was the first time I really fell in love. I loved her then and did not have the wit to know it. I love her now and I will never stop loving her. I can never give her half what she has given me.

  • It's hard to tell cause I don't know what exactly I should feel like when I'm "in love"
    My first girlfriend at age 8 I had no feelings for, it was just "you're a girl and my friend so that means you're my girlfriend right?"
    At 14-15 I had a LDR girlfriend I met through a game. I was pushed by friends to talk to her and date her, but she turned abusive and controlling quickly and it was mostly fear that kept me around.
    With 17-18 I met a girl who had fallen in love with me, i didn't feel anything particular for her, but i thought why not at least try? I later felt comfortable with her and protective, she was the first person I was physically close to.
    My last girlfriend this year approached me first after a breakup, saying she trusted me cause I was always there for her as a friend, and crushed on me, i eventually also felt like I crushed on her too, but overall I felt more protective than anything, feeling more like I'm her dad than her boyfriend.
    So pick yourself which of these you would consider my first


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