Dose my best friend like more then that?

Iv been best friends with my friend since year 6 and we are both now 20 ,21 , since breaking up with ex me and my friend have Been more closer hanging out more staying over at his house etc , about 5 months down the line me and my best friend kissed and it led to other things etc, he said he loved me and said it looking into my eyes and now im questioning myself, i have asked up front if he has feelings for me but denys it we still talk and hang out but nothing happened he still says he loves he cuddles me and always checks to see if im okay

Now is this just what best friends do or is that a clear sighn of more than i need other thoughts in this then my own


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  • No it’s a clear sign he’s into you, I think in order to have any healthy relationship you need to talk with him and figure out where you guys stand. It’s okay to tell him how you feel

    Can you answer mine please, it’s on my page.

  • Sure best friends mess around some times but usually when one starts saying they love the other then they usually have feelings non matter how many times the deny it

    • I love him like my best friend, in my eyes im not his type but then when describes his type its what im like

    • Well if if the way he sees it then you’re the right one so what’s the problem

  • He loves you but then says he doesn’t have feelings?


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