Have you ever cheated, been VERY tempted to cheat or has the thought never crossed your mind?

  • I've cheated before.
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  • I came very close to cheating but never have.
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  • I think about cheating a lot.
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  • thought of cheating has never crossed my mind.
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  • I'm not sure if this counts as "getting close" but I managed to catch feelings for another guy a few years ago while being in a relationship. He was interested in me aswell but I told him that I deeply love my boyfriend a that the crush I have for him just isn't worth it for me to throw away my relationship and cut off contact to him. The following months I was expiriencing a strange mix of being in a relationship, being secretly lovesick and feeling guilty about my own feelings. It's almost two years ago by now, the guy tried to contact me a couple times since then until I completely blocked him everywhere. I'm still in the same relationship to this day by the way and never told my boyfriend about this whole thing.

    • Do you still have thoughts about him?

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    • Anonymous: Most people in a long term term relationship (many years) will find probably three times when they are attracted to someone else enough, to where they would have an affair if they let their feelings have free reign. Being attracted is normal. We are social and sexual beings. These feelings can persist for some time. What is wise, is exactly what you did. See the situation clearly for what it is, something that would tear apart a loving, long term relationship, for short term high intensity sex, and the high of a new relationship, that in the end, brings great heartache and pain.

    • @markscott thank you

Most Helpful Guy

  • Won`t lie, the thought has crossed my mind once, but i would never initiate tho


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  • I have never cheated, never will. I've had a front row seat to the damage infidelity causes... dad cheating on mom... my girlfriend cheating on me... recently happened again... and I threw her out.

  • Never cheated and never will.


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