How to empower and help a partner get over abuse?

my partner had a very abusive parent, and many abusive ex-partners, he has been fucked over through his life a lot, and whenever i think of that i feel extremely sad.
how to help him get over it and empower him?


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  • i wasn't sexually abused, but i was physically and verbally abused as were my little sister and mother. my mother took it all for us. my father still verbally abuses us.

    when i say remove the father, i mean take your partner away from the abuse. that abuse is still there any day they talk to them. exes are easy to get rid of, but parents are forever. get them help. it really messes with a persons confidence.

    • thank you for sharing this!
      i hope your life is better now, and that you're in a good place.
      see, my partner has that same thing, his dad is somewhat financially dependent on him, so i can't really keep him away.

      also, due to the abuse, emotional and verbal, he doesn't think highly of himself, and when i compliment him, even though it's sincere, he doesn't seem to believe it.

    • i don't take compliments well, i know i'm funny, but i rarely laugh at my own jokes.

      my only advice for your boyfriend to be (because I'm doing this now), is to ask him what he wishes for there to be between them in the end. his father is dying quicker than he is. a part of him probably wants his father to be proud of him and of what he's accomplished.

      his father wants his son to be happy. when parents age it's all that they have. the reality is that the father probably suffered the same abuse that he's giving. your boyfriend needs to show him that love can override that.

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