boyfriend seems clingy and a bit immature?

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years and he's seen my dad a couple of times but I'd like for him to meet the rest of my family who live a 2 hour drive away from us. I've brought it up a couple of times saying we can take a mini vacation together there but stop by and meet my family and he's complaining about how it's too much family to meet and I'm scratching my head because it's just my dad, stepmom, and my 3 younger siblings and my grandparents. So too much family to meet? I've met his entire family less than a year of dating my boyfriend so I don't why he's acting like this recently because he's met my mom's side of the family for a party and didn't have a problem with it and my dad's side of the family since they are a part of my family as well. The clingy part, I hate why he's trying to cuddle with me in front of people even my family and it's uncomfortable not only to me but to everyone else we know having to see it. It's like having a 5 year old kid on top of me and I've confronted him about it before and he'll stop but go straight back to it and claim he can't help it because he's in love. But he should be able to respect that, I don' mind when were alone but just not in public. So what should I do?


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  • Honestly maybe a break is what you guys need cause it seems like he won’t learn or get you. He has to learn that you don’t always want to be so affectionate and loved

    Can you answer mine please, it’s on my page it’s the most recent.

    • Well the thing is we did have a break sometime after we made 2 years but things have been going good after the break but this is more recent.

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