Is it weird that I've never been in love?

I'm 23 and been single since... Well forever.
I've never been on a date, let alone having a serious relationship. Partly the reason for this is that I've weight issues. I figured nobody would ever be interested in me and so I focused on academics and other stuff.
Lately I realised that I don't have any friends who are single. Suddenly everyone is "with someone". Although I've never been bothered by it, I find myself wondering why I've never been in love? Anyone I've liked in the past has never liked me back. Some have even made me feel embarrassed for asking them out.
I feel like I'm repelling love somehow... Am I?


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  • Welcome to G@G! My name is sean893, it's a pleasure to meet you in advance!

    And no, it is not weird at all that you are not in love. But it can be awkward if you had never fallen in love before at the moment your life comes to an end and have no experience on what a relationship is like.


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  • No, it's not weird at all. Lots of us have issues that make us insecure or even embarrassed about getting into a relationship. I was 29 before I eventually confronted my own personal demon and felt brave enough to date someone. It will happen for you one day and you will fall in love, and when it does happen I hope it feels as amazing for you as is did, and still does, for me.


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