Having a work spouse?

Have you heard of the term before? A person eith whom you are very close to at work, and maybe spend the most of the day together with, perhaps just you two.

Do you think it is a threat to real marriages and relationships and what would you think if you were in one of these things while you had a partner or your partner had it?

Some psychologists says it is bad for the real relationships because often they end up even closer to their work spouse, they share everything negative and bad things, they get to know each other extremely well under all kinds of situations and do a lot of things together and a person you spend a lot of time with will you most often end up feeling some kind of attraction to?

agree? Disagree?


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  • Simple

  • I guess it all depends on whether or not they start banging.

  • My SO is my boss in work. It can make for fun times, at times.


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