Should I leave my boyfriend because of this?

So I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years
Im his longest relationship and he's mine too
After 1 year of dating, he introduced me to his parents
And then recently, he introduced me to his other relatives (uncles, aunties, cousins, grandparents)
Im the first girl out of all his ex girlfriends to meet all his family
He has warned me about how toxic his family are.. they talk shit about everyone behind their back
Im a shy and quiet girl
But they all acted nice towards me

So anyway, today my boyfriend told me that his aunty told him that his mum has been talking shit about her, about him and about me as well
He told me that his mum thinks im a gold digger and im using him for his money
I got offended by this
And my boyfriend said this:
"Look dont worry about my mum, i already told u she would talk shit, she's like that, all the family knows she's messed up, i dont care what she says anyway, and my aunty tried to defend u by saying ur a nice girl and i told my aunty that u had a better job than me so you're not using me for money"

Hearing that his mum talking crap about me hurts...
Im pretty sure she said more nasty things about me
I've always wanted a family oriented man
Because i love my family

Should i dump my boyfriend because of this?
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Should I leave my boyfriend because of this?
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