Who wants to have a more settle and solid relationship, a man or a woman?

or both?
Women and men are wired differently and each one may have different needs and goals in their respective lives. Since we were kids, women were taught and raised that we have to look and find our price charming, love have a partner, marry, have kids (for procreation purposes of course) and be married for many years, like this was the women role in life and so far still is (also work of course but work applies to both men and women) you know what life is all about for people who settle and get married and have family. So in a way women are like wired that we are the ones who wants to have a serious relationship with someone to love those guys, we are the ones who wants to marry and form a family, just because we are women and that is our role in life.

For men maybe, the way they were taught was different, they had to be strong, the protective ones, the ones who had to financially support the house and be there for their SO and kids but for that to happen they had to be in a serious relationship with a woman they love and settle.

Women are more dramatic, nag, than most men, is like women were born with a chip with that behavior like that since we were in our mom´s womb (lol!!)

Times had change and what maybe women desired back then (study, work, find a partner, marry and have kids in that order) are no longer part of a women goals probably or at least they still want those things but not forcibly in the same order like many years ago and also they are delaying those things to when they are in their mid 30´s, early 40´s or mid 40´s..

s. But also you can find a case of women who no longer even want to marry anymore or have a family but they rather date casually with no commitment to the guy they are dating with and just have some fun and enjoy doing that as they are still single with no attachment to anything.

This is more common I believe in women who are mid-age women, in their early, mid and late 40´s because at that age not many women wants to..
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start a process of a serious relationship with someone and start the drama that a serious relationship will provide and even more to have a baby for the first time that besides is dangerous (for medical and biological reasons) I don’t think a woman will put up or have the energy to change diapers when she is mid age or almost 50´s years old so they rather do not have kids if by the age of 40´s something they are still no married no boyfriend, for them it is better to continue to be single, date casually.
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Men on the other I believe they behave differently. Guys in their mid age range who are still single and no dating will likely change, they won't give up that freedom they still have for a serious relationship and possible future marriage with a woman at that age. . Men goals since kids were not the same as women goals (find a guy, marry and have kids) for them is easier as they are not forced to follow that pattern because that society pattern is more aimed to women than men.
Who wants to have a more settle and solid relationship, a man or a woman?
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