Since turning 21, what is the longest you've gone from the end of one relationship to the start of the next?

I'm curious how long people have gone between relationships after turning 21.

Some people seem to quickly get into a new relationship after one ends while others go years between relationships.

If you've never been in a relationship since turning 21 or are still in the same relationship you were when you turned 21 please choose the last option. I'm interested in how quickly people over 21 get into a new relationship after the prior one ended.
  • Less than 6 months
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  • More than 6 months but less than a year
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  • About a year
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  • About 2 years
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  • 3-5 years
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  • More than 5 years
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  • I'm under 21, haven't ended a relationship since I turned 21, or just want results
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Most Helpful Girls

  • If the feeling is right. I would not wait even one day. An ex is an ex for a reason. But, if I loved that person a lot. It’s usually a shorter time that I wait because I’m trying to mask the pain with a new person. I know it’s not good to do. If I didn’t love him much. Then, I’m in no hurry because no pain involved. I know this is probable the opposite for most people. Everyone is different!

    • I think your approach probably is the opposite of most people. I think most people need longer after a particularly painful breakup.

      I agree with you that if someone good comes along you should jump on that opportunity no matter how long it's been since the breakup. That happened to me once and lots of people thought it was just a rebound relationship but it wasn't. It became a serious long term relationship.

      I did once do a rebound relationship and that lasted less than a year because we really weren't a good match. She was rebounding too though, so I guess we both helped each other even though we really didn't belong together at that time. I learned from that though, so I don't think I'd ever let that happen again.

  • Somewhat between 6 and 7 months was the longest, about 3,5 months the shortest period of time I've been single.

    • It sounds like you recover pretty quickly from breakups if you're ready to get back into one within a few months. I'm usually like that too.

    • It usually takes me about half a year to recover from a breakup. And yes, I wasn't over my ex as I started the relationship after 3,5 months. Had led to me feeling toren apart between being lovesick and feeling guilty towards my partner because of it for about a year inside the relationship...

Most Helpful Guy

  • For serious relationships, 7 years was my longest but I had casual relationships within that time. My longest time with no relationships at all was 3 years but that was an strange time in my life as I had some serious mental issues happening to me. Under normal conditions I usually have a new girl within a month or 2.


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What Girls Said 6

  • It's hard to jump from one relationship to another. But I believe one must heal first and take care of oneself before starting another relationship. It may happen or not but it's fitting to be fresh. Wounds heal and scar can be inconspicuous.
    When it happens, it happens. We can't control fate though we make our own destiny.

  • after I turned 24, I have been in my one and only relationship in my entire life.
    he was in one relationship for 18 months when he was 17.
    we have been together 9 years

    • That's pretty awesome. I only know a few people that had their first relationship be a lifetime relationship. You were either lucky to find the right guy on the first try or the two of you are really good at doing what it takes to keep a relationship good - or maybe both!

      Best wishes for many many more happy years together!

    • I think it is a little bit of both. He was the right guy for me, and we both try really hard to keep our relationship good :). Thanks for the best wishes too... we want nothing but to be together forever.

  • Only had one relationship and it ended and I never wanna do this again so I plan on being single forever so the answer is infinity

    • Wow, was it that bad? Or is the breakup recent so the pain level is still high?

      A good relationship can be really awesome and with the right person can make life a lot better so I hope at some point you'll find someone good and give it another try.

    • I really don't think so but thanks for the kind words and yes very recent like today recent

    • Yes, that's definitely recent. Breakups are hard, no matter who initiates it. But even though it's hard to believe right now the pain will fade over time and you will have learned something that will help the next time around. It's way too early to think about a next time, but hopefully after a few months you'll be ready again and find someone that's better for you.

      I've been through several breakups - some that I initiated and some that she initiated. If you think talking more about it would help, let me know.

  • 6 years

    • Was that by choice because you wanted to be single or because you couldn't find anyone good?

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    • That's a shame you had to go through that. I guess you've been careful since then to avoid anyone else like him.

      A couple of my past relationships definitely put me on guard for certain problematic characteristics but fortunately none of my exes haunted me for years like that. That would be awful.

  • It's coming up on 3 now.

  • I went three years between the start of one to the start of the next — with the same person. 😉


What Guys Said 2

  • I didn't have a relationship and I am over 21 by far
    But I get you question, it is a good one
    I guess most people would want to settle down after 25, for guys it is after 28 to be more precise you can read this take I made.
    Who wants love? who wants marriage? Men Or Women ↗

  • Never had a relationship.


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