Should I break up with him?

LONG STORY!! PLEASE HELP! I've been with my boyfriend for more than 2 years. When we first got together (into the actual relationship and not just the goofing around) I wasn't sure about it. I was in a bad place of my own as I must say I am cyclothymic and go through many tough stages of ups and downs and general confusion. Anyway all my friends kept saying to me that he is such a nice guy, he really treats me well and makes me laugh etc. I sticked with it, I grew to love him so much and want to be with him. He is amazing, funny, he listens, we have definitely clicked on many levels. However after one year we started having sex issues as I wasn't feeling like it at all, I would never come in general I was not satisfied (still I'm not) , he knew, he got sad, I would lie to him about having my period in order to not have sex. Anyway we're working on it and the lying has stopped and we've talked about it. Now I don't get to see him that often due to his military duties, like every two days. I SOMETIMES don't miss him at all. But the moment we meet I'm so happy and excited and full of love. I have my ups and downs with my desire for sex. I could think my future with him. An actual future, but whenever I do I get scared.

Another thing is that I've come to realise I'm bisexual. Now it's nothing sure as I have never acted on it. Yesterday I was at a store and I saw a woman and I felt such a spark and desire in me. But also guilt and sadness and misery as I realised I have a loving boyfriend and like it or not I can not act on my feelings for her ( I would never cheat on him). At night I dreamed about her. How we met through a mutual friend how she admitted to like me (fairytale lol) and I had given her the impression I can do something about it. In my dream I was so happy she liked me but so so sad I had a boyfriend, I was in the middle of chosing between them and inevitable break all of our hearts.
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Is this all just a phase as the first one, that if I did break up I would regret it so much, as I would have if I did the first time? Or is it more deep?
Should I break up with him?
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